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The finishing touch – give your wedding day your own style and identity

On your special day you want everything to be perfect and you want to give it your own personal look and feel. Whether this means a romantic wedding in pastels, a retro 50’s affair, gala chic or a relaxed ‘picnic in the park’ vibe, Everyone has their own personal style and preference for particular colors or a theme.

Why not celebrate your own style on your wedding day because it will help you to feel ‘at home’ on this unique day and your guests will agree that it is a surprising feast of recognition. It will be ‘so you’.

Your wedding invitation does not only serve to invite the people that are important to you. For them it is also the first clue about what your wedding day will be like. It tells something about the style and therefore your wedding stationary is the perfect starting point for the rest of your styling and decoration.

Flowers that fit in with the color scheme, decoration of the aisle perhaps even with a personalized runner complete with your initials. Decorated chairs and tables. A beautiful styled table for your guestbook and presents. Candles to add a romantic soft glow, balloons and/or hanging lanterns up to a very personal favor for your guests at the end of a perfect day. Or what about a candy bar instead of the ‘normal’ favors? A table full of tasteful treats that gives your guests the choice to pick their own favorites. The possibilities to use styling and decoration to give each and every aspect of your day the perfect finishing touch are endless.

But how do you create this perfect picture? You cannot practice this beforehand or just hope it will all work out. Eindeloos will help you to bring the picture in your head to live.




Click on the pictures to view examples of styling assignments we've done for our clients.

During our first meeting we will listen to all your wishes and ideas on styling. Perhaps you already have a budget in mind for styling and decoration. With this first information we often are able to give you some first ideas.

After the meeting we will go to the location(s) with you to get an even clearer picture. And following these two meetings we come up with a proposal. With this proposal we make use of mood boards and an elaborate explanation to give you a good idea of the possibilities and costs.

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Light up your party with waterproof mini or diamond LED lights

Eindeloos Events is the Dutch seller of these wonderful little lights that can be used for so many purposes. The small LED lights are available in white, amber, red, green, blue, pink, purple, teal and a color changing RGB. These lights give various decorations an extra festive twinkle.

They are battery operated and so can be used everywhere without any risk of fire. Even under water or in ice because the lights are waterproof! This enables you to use them in vases with floral decorations. But they also look good in transparent wine coolers filled with ice cubes. Even a pond or swimming pool can be lit up with them.

The lights are only 2,5 cm so small enough to incorporate into almost everything. The battery will last about 50 hours so there is no need to change the batteries during the event. It has an on/off switch so you can regulate when they burn yourself.

The LED Diamond is a bigger version (about 10cm high) in the shape of a beautiful diamond and therefore should be seen. Give your party the glitz and glam. The Diamond LED comes in the same colors as the mini LED lights.

The mini LED lights are sold per 5 while the Diamond is sold per piece.

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