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A wonderful and fun time has arrived as soon as you exclaimed “Yes!” to his or her “Will you marry me?” But sometimes it can also be stressful and you will encounter questions and challenges that you are not sure about how to handle to get the best result. There are so many new things coming on your path… so many decisions to be taken… Who or what is the right choice for you? How do you make sure that the wedding proceeds as planned?

Allow yourself the time to enjoy this wonderful period to the fullest!

Eindeloos Events has specialized in organizing and coordinating weddings and other events. From start to finish we are here to help you with all aspects. You can involve us with your wedding planning, wedding day management, styling and wedding stationary. We are excited to stand by your side with passion, enthusiasm and creativity to help you fulfill your wishes and dreams for your wedding day.


Marie-José Schlenker

"Share your dreams and wishes with us. We have the skills and knowledge to make them happen for you."


After having worked more than 20 years in marketing and communication and having done everything to do with communicating to, about and for people and organizing many events, it became clear to me that some particular aspects of the job fascinated me most.

In the first place it was the personal contact and interaction with a diversity of people and the opportunity to make a difference in how people would experience an important time in their lives. Also the skills needed for making and following up a planning, time schedules, scenario and budget are something I enjoy using. I love the challenge to find the right suppliers and locations that are a perfect fit for the atmosphere of the event and the particular wishes of the client. I will not be happy until I’m sure that everything has been planned and executed up to the finest details.

More and more requests came in to apply those skills for private events such as weddings. The next step in my career and my life soon became apparent and as a result I started my own business, Eindeloos Events Wedding & Event Planners.

The name Eindeloos (Endless) stands for the fact that I will not rest until I fully understand the exact wishes and personal taste of the client by which flexibility and an eye for the smallest details is considered a “must” by me. No standard packages, but tailor made events made available for everyone so that the possibilities for us to help you are literally ‘endless’.

To have the honor to be part of the process of creating an important milestone in your life with all our enthusiasm and to make sure that you and your guests enjoy the day. That is my passion!

Together with a strong team we have had the pleasure to have organized a large number of beautiful weddings and other events already. We are looking forward to get the opportunity to help you create something wonderful too.

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