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Wedding Day Management

A professional coordinator during your wedding day

Do you rather wish to organize the wedding yourselves, but looking for a professional coordinator to assist you on the day? We can help you out.

With our Wedding Day Management, we will take care of every aspect of the coordination so you do not need to ask friends and family to take on this huge task. Not only you, but also all your guests deserve to fully enjoy this festive day.

How does it work?
The coordination is done according to your own scenario and time schedule. Of course we can advise you on how to set up this important document (also see Wedding Day Advise). Additionally, you can let us do the work for you. After we received your schedule, we will contact you for a first introduction that is free of charge. During this meeting we can discuss what tasks you would like us to fulfill on the day.

About one month before the wedding day we set a second date for a meeting to discuss the schedule one more time and possibly make some last changes. This meeting preferably takes place on location, so that we can solve any (logistic) challenges if necessary.

On the day, our coordinator (with assistant) is present to manage the day for you according to the approved schedule and scenario. We act as hostess for you and your guests and are the contact for all the suppliers. Of course it is always possible to extend our services (for instance with styling).

What does it cost?
After our first introduction meeting you will receive our price indication. The exact price depends on the possible extra tasks that are outsourced to us (for instance, drafting your time schedule and scenario, coordinating speeches or sketches on the day and/or evening, advice about and assistance with selection of location(s) and suppliers, RSVP service etc.). The basic amount for Day of Coordination according to your own scenario is between € 500 – 750, depending on the tasks, the number of guests and suppliers.

Click here for references of just a small number of couples we had the pleasure to work with.

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Wedding Day Advise – a professional consult

Some couples express the wish to organize everything about their wedding day themselves and already found a member of the family or friends to take on the responsibility of the coordination on the day.

What you are looking for is someone who can advise you on one or more subjects surrounding the organization. Why not ask us for some professional advice.

How does it work?
During the personal consult (about 2,5 hours) we can discuss your plans and dreams. We can help you find answers on subjects such as theme, color scheme, schedule for the day or what to look for in a good supplier or location. Or maybe you want to us to check if your budget is on target.

When you contact Eindeloos for a consult, we will ask you to give us some idea about which subjects you would like to discuss so that we can come prepared. Of course it is possible to extend our services once the consult has taken place. Perhaps you want us to work together with your chosen coordinator on the day to make sure your wedding day runs smooth. It will be our pleasure.

What does it cost?
The consult is € 125.

You can also request us to bring along a portfolio with (maximum) 3 locations and a selection of suppliers that we pre-select for you (availability on the day will be checked by us) for € 125
(more locations and/or suppliers or extension of the work is possible for an additional fee).

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