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  Laura & Arjan
(styling and wedding stationary)

On July 2, 2011 Arjan and I had our wedding day in Loosdrecht. Because it soon became obvious that it would be a huge event, we enlisted the help of a wedding planner. During our first conversation it became clear that we needed someone who is creative and able to translate our thoughts into reality. Via the planner we came into contact with Marie-Jose of Eindeloos Events. Well… it was absolutely fantastic!!!

When we decided that silver and fuchsia would be our colours, Marie-Jose created the perfect picture. From beautiful handmade wedding invitations to personalized water bottles and fans for the ladies during the ceremony. Pink aisle runners and silver and hotpink goodie bags. Everything had a finished and polished look up to the smallest of details!! While we and our guests enjoyed a boat trip after the ceremony, the restaurant where our diner would take place was completely transformed to one of the most beautiful places we have seen. Because we both work in the catering industry, we have seen a lot of festive tables, but never one as beautiful as we got from them!

Also at the party location there were beautiful flower arrangements and personlised ‘’Mr. & Mrs.’’ Napkins on the tables. We still enjoy looking back on our big day. If we could do it again, we will definitely do it with the same group of professionals!

Marie-Jose and Ingrid, thank you so very much that thanks to you we had a wonderful, unforgettable wedding day! Much love!



Nicky & Pascal
(wedding planning, wedding day management,
wedding stationary and styling)

We met Eindeloos Events at a bridal fair. We actually excluded working together with a wedding planner, because we were sure ‘we could do it all ourselves’. Because our first contact with them was good from the start, we decided to leave our information in a ‘wishing tree’ at their booth to try and win the wedding day management by Eindeloos Events. And we won! After the first few meetings we noticed that the ladies from Eindeloos Events perfectly understood what it was we were looking for and our bond was growing. In the end we even outsourced the styling of the day! Before, during and after the wedding, Eindeloos Events has given us a wonderful and professional service! The art of exactly feeling what we wanted, the fine details that could not hide from them and the advice we received without having to ask for it.. it all delivered beautiful results. Eindeloos Events did it! We highly recommend working together with Eindeloos Events to all couples and other parties!

The impression they created on our wedding day is something we will never forget and we know that they will make anyone else’s baby shower, business event, anniversary or wedding just as unforgettable! They can count on us in future for sure!


Agatha & Patricia
(wedding planning, wedding day management,
wedding stationary and styling)

On August 19, Patricia and I have had the day of our lives! The weather was fantastic. We were surrounded by our family, friends and relatives and last but not least, the incredible work of Eindeloos Events as our wedding planner, wedding day coordinator and stylist. The styling was breath taking (we and everyone who was there are still talking about it). Everything was done to the finest detail. You managed to build up, convert and take down the different styling elements without us noticing. From the first meeting on Patricia and I had a good feeling about it and we were right. We didn’t have to think or worry about anything. Each time we look at the photos and videos,  we are enjoying all that we experienced that day. And let’s be honest. A lot of it had to do with you! Therefore we want to thank you for everything from the bottom of our hearts. May many other couples experience the same when Eindeloos Events will cross their path!

Rick & Linda
(wedding planning, wedding day management and styling)

We really had the most fantastic, wonderful wedding day! We could not have wished for more and how lucky we were with the weather. Also the surprises were so much fun, like the flash mob and limousine J.

Thank you again for the superb work you have done. We have had so many compliments and great reactions. Even our location said they had never seen a wedding that was styled so beautifully. Also the candy bar was a great success and we had so many great responses to it. I can’t say it enough… it was all wonderful. Let’s meet up soon again to evaluate the day and to thank you with a dinner.

Maurits & Monique
(wedding day management and wedding stationary)

Friday, July 8, 2011 was our day. A day that we will never forget. It was the most beautiful and perfect day of our lives. Everything went the way we wanted it to go. Of course it took a lot of preparation, but you can never predict that things will work out just right. There are always things you cannot prepare for, but to deal with this we had 2 fantastic wedding day coordinators. You have made our planning on paper reality.
We cannot thank you enough for your hard work! Hopefully it was not too demanding for you and you got home safe. Thank you for all your help and your assistance with Monique’s beautiful wedding dress!

John & Gwenda
(wedding day management and styling)

At the moment I’m writing this reference, we are married for 3 weeks. And still we are enjoying the warmth of our wedding day. They day was full of beautiful moments, it was a shame that it went by so soon. We are very content about your wedding day management and the styling. It was wonderful to see that everything matched exactly.


Wieteke & Erwin
(advice, styling and wedding stationary)
We had a fantastic wedding! The weather was good and everything ran smoothly! We enjoyed every moment of it! Thank you for the wonderful wedding invitations. Our guests still talk about them. And the effect of the wedding gazebo with flower pillars in the garden was amazing! Thank you also for the cosy meetings in the evenings at our home. We treasure you in our hearts!



Kathleen & Dominique

Our experience with Eindeloos Events has been excellent. From the very first draft proposal that we were offered we noticed that each and every detail was tuned towards our specific wishes and was carefully and fully explained. We are so happy that we were referred to Eindeloos Events because we were very surprised by your contribution. Marie-José and her team managed to create a fantastic atmosphere and mood with the chosen colors and fitting decorations, despite the fact that our wedding day started with a lot of rain! We are aware of the fact how much extra energy, input and flexibility this demanded from the whole team. We and all our guests are full of praise for the styling with it gigantic – and beautiful flower arrangements, the beautifully decorated tables and chairs, not forgetting all the small details like the table names and the name cards on the dinner tables. It was very attentive and reassuring that they even made sure there was a possibility to lie down and rest for me as a pregnant bride, in case the day would be too demanding for me. We are so grateful to you for our unforgettable wedding day and the memories will always be dear to us.

- At the request of the couple, no pictures are displayed.



Leanne & Thomas
(advice and wedding stationary)

All our guests loved our wedding invitations. They thought they were so special!!! Some people did not want to return the RSVP card, because they felt the boxed invitation would no longer be complete. We want to thank you for all your hard work and good care. Whenever we have something special to plan and celebrate, we will certainly think of you!

Robin & Gabrielle
(advice, wedding stationary and styling)

Suddenly the moment is there… Man proposes to woman, woman says ‘’yes’’… both in a glorious mood. And then what??? Preparations must start. Even though we wanted to keep control, we never had to plan such an important occasion. So advise and knowhow is what you are looking for. We did not want to find out afterwards that things could have been planned in a different (or better) way.

And so we had a meeting with Eindeloos Events, professional women who have a lot of experience. We found out that the world of weddings is so much bigger then we anticipated. So many options and so much to plan and to arrange. Even though we initially thought we could do it ourselves, we outsourced a lot of stuff to Eindeloos Events. The more our wedding day approached, the more we involved Eindeloos with the end result that they have arranged

• Booking of the band and our digital guestbook
• Our invitations
• Styling and decoration of the ceremony, reception and party location

While arranging the above, they have stood by us with their knowledge and advise and it was such a relieve to know that on the big day we had people in place that know all the ins and outs of a wedding day and who made sure we had nothing to worry about. They were paramount for our day to have been an unforgettable event.


Tamara & Erik
(advice and wedding stationary)

We would like to thank you again for your good services and fantastic cooperation! And there will be a new event for us to work on… because we are expecting a baby!!! So also for our baby cards we would like to explore all the possibilities with you. Coffee and cookies will be ready for you again ;-D

- No pictures available.


Rouèl en Mathijs
(Eindeloos sponsor Q-Music wedding to celebrate the
10th anniversary of gay marriage in the Netherlands)

We thank you for your work on April 1. Our day became extra personal because of it. What a passion, enthusiasm and creativity. Thank you so much.


Waldo & Monique
After our first sociable meeting, we already knew we could trust you with the styling of our wedding day. But you have largely exceeded our expectations. The flowers and all the decorations fitted so well together. Not only we were impressed, but also all our guests. It was wonderful to see that you anticipated on the unexpected fair weather and incorporated the area outside in your styling so that we could enjoy all the pretty things there as well. Again we would like to thank you for your beautiful work! Kind regards and hopefully we will work together again in the future.



Ronny & Marianne
Again we would like to thank you for your hard work during our wedding and all the preparations you have done beforehand, like making our chuppah by hand and providing all the decoration for the ceremony table. We found it very, very beautiful and are very grateful for that.



Nicole & Jurgen
Because of private circumstances, our wedding day suddenly had to be put forward and needed to take place in November 2010 instead of the planned date in 2011. Thank you for all your work and trouble to make it happen!



Lars & Sarah Mooij
Eindeloos made its name more than true on our wedding day! And this has been noticed by all our guests too. Our relationship started with a styling request and we thought we were right on track with arranging all other aspects ourselves, but soon it became clear to us that the tips and advice we freely got from Eindeloos helped us so much. The styling, the music, the customs, etiquette and important moments that Eindeloos pointed out to us free of charge, as a service. All their advice was of great value to us. Even when only a few weeks before the wedding day we asked them to take on the day of coordination for us, the team stood by us and delivered a very professional service. They made sure that the styling was totally ‘us’; modest but stylish as we wanted it and they provided the smallest little details to give it a very polished look. They helped us with beautiful fresh flowers and during our photo shoot when it was a terrible 38 degrees Celsius, the team provided us with water and fanning so that they stayed as cool as possible. It’s all in the details and Eindeloos arranged all those details for us. Our experience with Eindeloos was SUPER!

Kind regards and thank you so much for all that you done for us!



Stephanie & Thijs
Our wedding day had to be special and so it needed a special invitation. With the collection of Eindeloos we were able to create this special stationary that cannot be found anywhere else in the Netherlands. Our invitations are custom made for us in England and Eindeloos takes care of the whole process. They have taken so much trouble to help us create the design and a fitting text. And the result is just wonderful! Our guests were blown away when we handed them the invitation, each in a special box. And this first success gave us the confidence to ask Eindeloos to help us out with the planning, day of coordination and the styling of our wedding.



Wendy & Dennis
Eindeloos has been our rock during all the activities around our destination wedding. Your help in planning and the day of coordination in Curacao gave us the time to look forward to our wedding day in a very relaxed way. On the day you took charge of the coordination and kept in touch with the suppliers on the island and made sure that our guests were pampered and transported from their resort to the wedding location. Also the small bags with useful items for the guests that you put together as a surprise and handed out to the guests during the bus trip was such a sweet little extra.

The party in the Netherlands, only a couple of days after we all returned from Curacao, was flawless thanks to your organization skills. The hall was styled and yet another surprise was that we were greeted by live music from Willy’s Caribbean steel band in a setting that looked like the beach on Curacao where we got married. The mood was set from the start and the party could not go wrong! We will see you again at our next event because we will make sure we book Eindeloos again!



Margreth & Bert
We had a super party! Our 30th anniversary party has become a lasting memory. It was such fun that it was not just us dressed in our original wedding attire, but that you managed to get many of our guests in their (old and new) wedding outfit on the dance floor. From the invitations that you designed especially for us, the organization and coordination of the evening, the styling of the hall, the favors at the end of the evening… everything was just right!



We would like to thank you for all your help, wise advice and the coordination of our wedding day. Despite the tight schedule that we had made for ourselves, it was so good and very reassuring that at an incredibly early time, you arrived and had a tight control on things from the start. Well done. I was so happy with that. You had a calming effect and nothing was too much for you. It has been an unforgettable day, much to your credit, and everything has been exactly as we envisioned it. I have not had to think about anything all day, and this would have been different if we would not have had a planner with us. It was fabulous.

- At the request of the couple, no names or pictures are displayed.



Often we receive kind words of thanks from couples after the event and with their permission we like sharing these with you as a reference because we are proud of our work.

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